Friday, September 14, 2012

180 Kansas City fiberhoods to get Google Fiber

In a blog post yesterday, Google confirmed that 180 Kansas City fiberhoods will get Google Fiber:
"The final count is in—after tallying some last-minute pre-registrations, we have confirmed that 180 fiberhoods throughout Kansas City will be wired with ultra high-speed Google Fiber...We plan to install Google Fiber for our first customer in Hanover Heights within the next few weeks, and then we’ll move on to other fiberhoods on the Kansas side...On the Missouri side, the first fiberhood to get service will be Crown Center, which pre-registered a whopping number of apartment buildings and condos. Right now we’re still busy deploying infrastructure in central Kansas City, Mo., and we’ll start installing Google Fiber to Crown Center residents and other Missouri fiberhoods next spring."
More in this previous post. Google has published approximate construction schedules for both the Kansas and Missouri sides of the city. Construction will commence from Cctober 2012 and run until Fall 2013, with Google acknowledging that dates may be subject to change (for example, if the winter proves harsh). Anyone in a qualified fiberhood can still sign up for Google Fiber, regardless of whether they pre-registered or not, and Google has stated their will be a second round of pre-registration "sometime next year" for those that weren't successful this time (more here).

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