Saturday, August 25, 2012

BDUK Prior Information Notice: Urban Broadband Fund - Super Connected Cities

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) has this week published a prior information notice (PIN) in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) titled "Urban Broadband Fund - Super Connected Cities".

From the Procurement Portal website:
"What is a PIN? A PIN, or Prior Information Notice, is a notice published in the OJEU which sets out a contracting authority's purchasing intentions. It does not oblige the contracting authority to proceed with a procurement process, but informs the market that they should expect a procurement to be commenced within the next 12 months. Publishing a PIN is not mandatory unless the contracting authority is seeking to use a PIN to reduce procurement timescales. 
What is the point of publishing a Prior Information Notice (PIN)? Where a valid PIN has been published at least 52 days and not more than 12 months in advance of a contract notice, the contracting authority may shorten the timescales under both the open and restricted procedures. The shortest possible timescale available (without having to justify using an accelerated procedure) can be achieved by having a PIN in place, and ensuring that the OJEU notice and contract documents are in electronic form."
From the PIN:
"In its role as coordinator of the Urban Broadband Fund, BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK)  is publishing this PIN to help publicise the opportunities that may become available under this initiative. It is not anticipated that BDUK will be the contracting authority for these procurements, and that role will be undertaken by individual local authorities participating in phases 1 and 2. As the decision to authorise individual contracts remains that of each local authority, this PIN is being issued on a voluntary basis by BDUK, and does not indicate that any contracts will be procured or concluded within the next financial year. 
Responses to this PIN are invited from suppliers indicating their interest in either (A) or (B) or both (A) and (B) below: 
(A) Suppliers and any other parties interested in participating in any part of the supply chain for urban broadband projects and who wish to be included in any general consultations held by BDUK are welcome to respond to this PIN. Respondents need not indicate which cities they are potentially interested in. 
(B) Suppliers interested in acting as a contracting party with a Local Authority in the delivery of urban broadband projects are invited to respond to this PIN. Respondents should indicate which of the following areas they are interested in: (1) the delivery of ultrafast broadband and/or (2) the delivery of high speed wireless connectivity. Involvement in either (1) or (2) could include acting as a prime contractor, consortium lead or delivery partner. Respondents should indicate which cities they are potentially interested in. 
Where suppliers express an interest in potential projects in the eligible Phase 2 authorities, such interest will not be taken into account in BDUK’s selection process for Phase 2. Accordingly, suppliers should make no assumptions about which Phase 2 cities will be successful in receiving funding from this initiative."
From the additional information section of the notice:
"BDUK are co-ordinating this PIN on behalf of the individual projects and details of interested suppliers will be passed on to relevant Local Authorities. Individual Local Authorities may then contact suppliers as part of any on-going or future individual market engagement activities to ascertain potential market interest and to inform the development of the approach to projects. BDUK may also engage with suppliers to seek feedback on the wider Urban Broadband Fund initiative, including design elements likely to be common across multiple procurements, and will do so openly and transparently."
Responses are invited by 6th September 2012. More on super connected cities here and here; this process should benefit cities looking to procure broadband infrastructure and services using BDUK funding via routes other than BDUK's framework.

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  1. And as a sequel to the BDUK rural fiasco playing out over the last couple of years now we are treated to the absolute nonsense waste of taxpayers money part 2 - the urban market.