Thursday, July 19, 2012

BT & Fujitsu update

Earlier this week, BT announced it had won the contract to deliver next generation broadband services across North Yorkshire, one of the four original Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) pilot areas (see here and also here). From BT's press release:
"The project, which will commence with immediate effect, will build on BT’s commercial investment so that 90 per cent of North Yorkshire homes and businesses – some 365,000 premises - will have access to world class broadband speeds of up to 80Mbps  by the end of 2014. Ultra-fast broadband speeds of up to 330Mbps will also be deployed in certain areas and made available ‘on demand’ throughout the entire fibre footprint should North Yorkshire businesses want to upgrade to even faster speeds. The remaining 10 per cent of premises will also see a speed uplift as the project aims to deliver 2Mbps or more by the end of 2014 to all homes and businesses. BT will also look to work with communities in the final 10 per cent to see if fibre can be extended further through innovative collaborative projects."
Similar announcements from NYnet here and North Yorkshire County Council here, with commentary from ISP Review here. Earlier this month, BT announced they had won the contract to deliver Public Services Network (PSN) cost savings and faster internet speeds in schools, libraries and fire stations across Northumberland. From the BT press release:
"The deal will see BT Global Services continue to provide Northumberland County Council with NorthNet, a shared services platform which supports the councils own IT services and those of other public sector services in the area such as schools, health centres and emergency services. By providing Northumberland County Council with advanced network access BT is enabling the council to deliver better services and improved access for citizens in areas previously beyond reach of the NorthNet network. Rural towns including Wooler, Belford, Bellingham and Rothbury are set to benefit, with schools in those areas to see an increase in internet speeds giving faster access to educational support material and internet based applications. BT’s existing partnership with the Council has already generated £860,000 worth of savings, and the new deal is set to deliver further benefits. It includes upgrading the existing council network to be PSN ready, enabling the council to reap the benefits of greater connectivity across public sector services."
According to ThinkBroadband, an announcement will be made shortly that BT has also been successful in WalesAs I reported recently, Fujitsu have now signed BDUK's Framework Agreement but are yet to win any business in this area. However, ISP Review report that Fujitsu has "announced the expansion of its 100G Dark Fibre network to cover an additional 2,500km of fibre optic cable, which supports “true” 100Gbps (Gigabits per second) data capacity across its carrier-grade Managed Wavelength Service (MWS) network." Fujitsu press release here.

Update: both the Welsh Government and BT have issued press releases announcing that BT has been awarded the contract this afternoon. From BT's press release:
"The initiative, which is subject to State aid and major projects approval from the European Commission, will take the total amount invested in Welsh fibre broadband to around £425 million when BT’s commercial investment is also taken into account. The project is the next phase in the delivery of the Welsh Government’s commitment to make high speed broadband available across the country. It will build on BT’s existing investment with the aim being that 96 per cent of Welsh homes and businesses will have access to world class broadband speeds of up to 80Mbps by the end of 2015. Ultra-fast broadband speeds of up to 330Mbps will also be deployed in certain areas and made available ‘on demand’ throughout the entire fibre footprint should Welsh businesses want to upgrade to even faster speeds. This major investment is set to transform the broadband landscape in Wales and boost the Welsh economy. It will be of particular benefit to the tens of thousands of local businesses who are scattered throughout the country. This is because fibre broadband provides speeds that are approximately 15 times faster than those available in Wales today with ultra-fast broadband providing an even bigger uplift should businesses require it. The project will be of particular benefit to those homes which currently receive speeds of less than 2Mbps. According to Ofcom, more than 20 per cent of Welsh homes currently receive such speeds but that number will fall to around two per cent when the roll-out is complete. The Welsh Government is developing plans to address any remaining premises which will form the final phase of its commitment to making Wales a broadband nation."
Commentary from ISP Review here and the BBC here.


  1. yup. Wales just fallen for it too.
    Cabinets everywhere. Copper broadband for the next decade. It isn't fibre broadband unless its fibre to the home. just sayin.

  2. Maybe, but 96% with access to NGA and 98% with access to more than 2Mbps still look like very positive outcomes to me. I'd happily take an FTTC service, but I think it may be a while before this exchange is enabled for FTTC.

  3. the figures are fudged, its homes passed. many cabs not enabled, many on cabs on longer line lengths won't get decent speeds, and the marketing dept will cover it all up, just the same as they have done with adsl all these years.