Tuesday, July 03, 2012

BDUK: Broadband Delivery Framework now in place with BT and Fujitsu

The section of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) website describing the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) Broadband Delivery Framework reports that the framework agreement will be between BDUK, BT and and Fujitsu:
"To help speed up the procurement process, BDUK has put in place a Framework Agreement, with input from a number of the pilot local authorities. Local authorities and other local bodies can run a mini-competition from the framework to select a specific supplier to deliver broadband services for a local project. The Framework Agreement will be between BDUK, as part of DCMS, and BT and Fujitsu, while each call-off contract will be between the relevant local bodies and a specific contractor. The Framework will be suitable for the majority of local broadband projects – i.e. those looking for an investment gap-funded model."
Br0kenTeleph0n3 covered on this on 30th June, based on this article on the EDP24 website reporting that both Norfolk and Suffolk had been given permission to invite BT and Fujitsu to tender in relation to their broadband plans for the region. ThinkBroadband also reported on this a day later, and the Financial Times offered their commentary ("Broadband contract attracts two bidders"on Monday 2nd July:
"BT and Fujitsu have been chosen by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, which operates the £530m broadband delivery UK programme. This aims to provide superfast broadband to 90 per cent of every county by 2015 and ensure a minimum 2 Mbps elsewhere. The national framework agreement, under which councils can choose from a list of already approved providers, so avoiding some of the costs associated with the tendering process, is aimed at accelerating the speed of rural broadband provision...Many councils have decided to proceed using the national framework list of suppliers."
The Connecting Devon and Somerset project website also reported on 2nd July that the programme has launched its procurement process:
"BT and Fujitsu have now been invited to tender for the Connecting Devon and Somerset contract to deliver the infrastructure for superfast broadband across the area. Both companies signed up to the National Framework following a lengthy procurement process. The Connecting Devon and Somerset programme is led by Devon and Somerset County Councils in partnership with Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, Plymouth and Torbay Councils. It aims to provide 100% broadband coverage of at least 2Mbps with a minimum of 85% superfast broadband at 24Mbps by 2015 and superfast broadband for all by 2020."
This is North Devon and BBC Somerset reported on this announcement too, with further coverage today from Tech Week EuropeUpdate 2:51 PM: Northamptonshire has also been given the go-ahead to proceed to the procurement stage, according to the Northampton Chronicle & Echo this afternoon. The article lists the first five projects going to tender as Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Wiltshire and Devon & Somerset (joint tender).

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  1. Northants seem pleased they had moved up to the first phase, but vague as to what the framework provides. They are targeting 30M line speed as per EU objective, rather than BDUK's 24M.