Friday, June 08, 2012

Additional broadband funding for Scotland

Further to my previous post, ISP Review report that Scotland has now been allocated an additional £32m by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) "to help it deliver superfast broadband (40-80Mbps) to 85-90% of premises by 2015 and “world-class digital access” to all of Scotland by 2020." The request for additional funding was described in Scotland's infrastructure action plan, published in January 2012:
"We believe Scotland has a case to make for additional funding from BDUK, given the particular geographic and technical challenges we face and we will be making that case to UK Government. Scotland can also expect funding from the UK Government for ‘superfast cities’ (£100m Urban Broadband Fund) and for mobile ‘not spots’ (£150m Mobile Infrastructure Project)."
According to ISP Review, Scotland will also receive additional UBF and MIP funding, though related distributions are still being finalised.

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