Thursday, October 28, 2010

Neelie Kroes: "None of (today's) pressing challenges can be solved without a strong ICT component"

Another good speech from Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission and European Digital Agenda Commissioner:
"As we know, the challenge today is to do more with less. We have more elderly people to care for; we need to reduce our carbon emissions; we have big public deficits and businesses face more intense competition from around the world. Of course we must also find ways to integrate a new generation into our society. None of these pressing challenges can be solved without a strong ICT component."
...which puts the recent in-year cuts to schools' ICT funding into sharp perspective. On broadband specifically, Kroes recognises the extent of the task at hand:
"Many people like to compare themselves to the average. By that mark Europe has pretty good broadband. But the average isn’t going to pay off debt or help you compete against Asian rivals with internet 100 times faster than your own. We have to aim higher: for a first class internet."
Not sure I'm entirely with her in relation to recent announcements about Cornwall though, but good to see both Rutland Telecom and the JFDI video getting positive mentions. And an important closing remark too:
"In conclusion, I want you to know that your digital actions make a difference. Sometimes you might feel like they are only a ‘drop in the ocean’. But without those drops, there is no ocean."
Wise words.

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  1. Great to know Neelie is driving this agenda forward. It feels a bit like herding cats some days, but slowly and surely our little drops in the ocean are building a tsunami that is going to expose the greed of the copper cabals and enable government to encourage other investors who want to build next generation networks. Fibre to the home is the final solution. The eNdGAme.