Monday, June 14, 2010

EDUCAUSE top 10 IT issues 2010: "insatiable demand for bandwidth"

In the eleventh annual EDUCAUSE Current Issues Survey (based on responses from CIOs of EDUCAUSE member institutions in December 2009), "infrastructure/cyberinfrastructure" was ranked as issue number 10:
“Fast, reliable access to the Internet continues to be essential due both to the proliferation of external services being used for learning management and other communications and to the insatiable demand for bandwidth-intensive applications (e.g., streaming video), which are becoming essential for many campus needs. As a result, routine bandwidth increases are clearly the norm, requiring more sources of funding.”
Going forward, a critical question to be considered is:
"Does the institution’s membership in regional and advanced network consortia ensure the proper level of access to support the high-performance networking needed by constituents?"
Interesting that continued participation in a managed, aggregated, consortia-based approach to broadband provision is taken as read in this context. Some interesting recommended reading and further resources are available here.

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