Monday, November 23, 2009

Digital Economy Bill

Lots of disappointment in relation to the Digital Economy Bill. From the Guardian:
"The digital economy bill is misnamed. A more honest title for the legislation, recently introduced in the Lords, would be the copyright protection and punishment bill. It is less about creating the digital businesses of the 21st century than protecting the particular 20th century business models used in music and film."
Similar reaction in the Telegraph:
"The bill, which aims to realise most of the commitments set out in the Digital Britain White Paper published in June, has laid out its plans to curb online piracy. The first step towards reducing online piracy by 70 per cent will be ensuring Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as Sky or Virgin, send out warning letters to those caught file-sharing on their networks."
Interesting that a Bill originally envisaged to support new ways of doing business online seems primarily focussed on preserving old ways of doing things? Which isn't to ignore that piracy is an issue, rather that there seems from a first look to be little that's truly innovative in this regard in the Bill?

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